Whether you want to compete on the national scene or are looking for a fun way to get a workout with great people, we've got the class that's right for you!

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Beginning Fencing Instruction

If you’ve never fenced before, or maybe if it’s been a long time and your feel the need for a refresher, this is the place to start. We offer two opportunities for those wanting to give fencing a try.

Beginning GROUP CLASS - $80

All equipment is provided for this comprehensive introduction to the Olympic sport of fencing. This 4-week class meets one day each week. The goal of this class is to give the beginning fencer a solid understanding of the basics of fencing and to prepare them to enter a Recreational Class where they could both hold their own and understand the instruction being given. For our children’s class, we usually recommend repeating the Beginning class before moving on to a Recreational class. View beginner class start dates here.

Beginning PRIVATE Instruction - $150

For those that are unable to make our scheduled Beginning Class times, or who just prefer to work one-on-one with an instructor while learning the basics, we do offer Private Beginning Level Lessons. The goal is the same as above. The $150 fee buys you 4 – 45 minute lessons scheduled at a mutually agreeable time with one of our instructors. While one should be ready to join a Recreational Class after 4 lessons, there is no limit to the number of lesson packages you may purchase.

KC Fencing Memberships

KCFC Annual Membership - $75

This annual family membership is required for participation in all programs beyond the Beginner level.

US Fencing Membership - Non-Competitive $10, or Competitive $70,

All participants must have at least a current, Non-Competitive membership to participate in our programs. This is a condition of our Liability Insurance and is not optional.

Recreational Fencing

Unlimited Classes - $110/month

Our Recreational programs are divided into three categories, to meet the needs of three distinctly different groups of learners. These classes run uninterrupted throughout the year and may be joined at any time. Please note that in order to provide the most positive learning environment, we do require that all participants complete a Beginning Class (or come to us with comparable experience from another program) before joining our Recreational Classes. Classes are divided by age and/or weapon.

1 - Children's Recreational Fencing (6-9 years)


Participants in these classes are introduced to the sport of fencing through movement education and exploration. Activities may or may not be fencing specific. This group will play a number of games that will help them develop general body awareness while keeping them engaged and having fun. Additionally, these kids are learning how to work in a group and how to be good drill partners. There is little to no emphasis on competition in this group. Rather the focus is on cooperation, motor skill development and skill building.

2 - Youth Recreational Fencing (10-16 years)

Our youth classes go a little more in depth both technically and tactically. This is a developmental group. Some kids progress through these classes with their eyes set on our competitive programs, but many do not. Many of our youth fencers merely enjoy the physical and mental challenge offered by the sport of fencing. We do begin to encourage competition at this level, in-house, locally and regionally. While competition may be encouraged, it is certainly not required and many choose not to compete.

3 - Adult Recreational Fencing (ages 16 and up)

These classes are great for those interested in pursuing fencing as part of a healthy lifestyle and possibly competing at a local or regional level. There is a wide range of commitment levels within this group. We have many who never fence outside of our gym, a few that compete at a National level, and pretty much everything in between.

College Membership - $110

College students often have very challenging schedules, forcing them to make difficult decisions regarding extracurricular activities. For this reason, we offer a Student Punch Card good for 6 classes, anytime you can work them in. The card is good for 3 months from the date of purchase and is good for any appropriate recreational level class.

Lesson Card - $110

Recreational fencers may purchase a package of 4 half hour lessons for $110. Lessons are scheduled at a mutually agreeable time directly with instructors.

Competitive Programs

Pre-Competitive Classes - $130/month

Our Pre-Competitive class is designed to bridge the gap between our Recreational Classes and our Competitive Classes. This class represents a higher level of commitment to training and requires an annual contract. Participants may attend any or all of the 3 Pre-Competitive classes each week as well as any Recreational classes they are interested in. Participation in this program is limited to a 3-month trial period at the end of which, the participant decides whether they are interested in continuing on to the Competitive Program or if they would like to move back to the Recreational classes.

Competitive Program - $165/month

Our Competitive Program emphasizes a commitment toward preparation for competition at a local, regional and national level. Our competitive fencers meet up to 5 times a week in 2 hour blocks for drill work, bouting and physical conditioning. This program requires an annual contract. Competitive fencers may also attend any Pre-Competitive or Recreational classes that fit their schedule.

Competitive Private Lesson Card - $100

Our competitive and pre-competitive fencers may purchase a package of 4 half hour lessons for $100. Lessons are scheduled at a mutually agreeable time directly with instructors.


Family Discount

Class fees for each additional family member registered for classes beyond the Beginner level are discounted by $10.