Beginners Fencing Camp

$100, $125

Beginners camps are offered for children (ages 6-9) and youth (ages 10-13) with all necessary equipment provided. The Beginners camp offers instruction in footwork, blade-work, distance control, tactics and bouting.

This camp covers the same material that is covered in our Beginning level classes offered throughout the year.

Club Fencing Camp


Our Club Fencing Camp is geared towards the intermediate to advanced level fencer. Participants must have, at minimum, some recreational level class time before attending this camp. The focus of this camp is on improving ones skills and gaining a better understanding of the tactics of the modern game of fencing. This camp will include some physical conditioning and agility work, as well as, a fair amount of drill work, footwork and electric bouting.

Dodgeball Camp


Dodgeball camp was added to our schedule in 2009 and has become one of our most popular camps. We spend a bit of time working on basic dodgeball specific skills before moving on to learning one or two new dodgeball games each day. We will explore a variety of individual and team games throughout the week. We offer three dodgeball camps each summer for kids ages 6-10, 8-12 and 10-14.